Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the maximum percentage of my home's value that I can borrow?

A: We have programs that allow you to borrow as much as 100% of the value of your home.

Q: Can I apply for a loan before I find a property to purchase?

A: Yes! Many people "prequalify" for a loan to determine what home can afford. Then, you'll simply call your Mortgage Consultant to complete your application.

Q: I'm nervous about providing personal data on-line is this site secure?

A: Yes. Our online application form is protected by a "secure certificate" which encrypts the information that you submit to us. Further, your Mortgage Consultant's access to the information you provide is similarly protected.

Q: I can't remember my Password. How can I get information about my loan?

A: Go to our password recovery form and submit your e-mail address to have your password e-mailed to you.

Q: Should I pay points in exchange for a lower interest rate?

A: You should compare the cost of the points to the monthly payments savings created by the lower interest rate. If recouping the points will take longer than the time you intend to keep the mortgage, go for a no-points program.

Q: Is comparing APRs the best way to decide which lender has the lowest rates and fees?

A: You can use the APR as a guideline to shop for loans, but you should also look at total closing costs, possible rate adjustments, and consider the length of time that you plan on having the mortgage.

Q: Who should consider a 15-year mortgage?

A: The 15-year fixed rate mortgage is most popular among younger homebuyers with sufficient income to meet the higher monthly payments to pay off the house before their children start college.

Q: When can I lock in my interest rate and points?

A: You can lock in your interest rate and points as soon as your loan is approved and you pay the application deposit to cover the cost of your appraisal and final credit report. You will need to contact your Mortgage Consultant to do this.

Q: Are there any prepayment penalties charged for these loan programs?

A: Most of the loan programs we offer do not have penalties for prepayment; however, some loan programs do. Your Mortgage Consultant will make you aware of any prepayment penalties associated with the loan programs you consider.

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